Request for Citizen's Council


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[!] This is a private letter to the three addressed in the opening line, sorry!


To the elusive Iansandoral Vithalion'dir, Miriaire Aey'flir, Volronus, Kharis Fitzalan and so on.

It is my request to convene the citizen's council to best inform the populace of the events of the passing year.

The ink cries from my quill as I beseech for you to convene this once-auspicious body of governance that seems to have been neglected direly by the wiles of time.

With the disappearance of various dignitaries, leaders and prominent citizens - be that a willing withdrawal from society or by means more natural, there is a need for cohesion from the wider government. I do not recall the last meeting of the people's assembly, supreme court, so on, and I am sure there are few that do. It is in a time of crises where those bureaucratic few should see fit to rise to their stations and man them.

Beyond the grinding millstone of house taxes, which seem to persist beyond any personalised interference, the great organs of the governmental body seem to have grown barren in presence and absent in action.

All is in a time of great change and there is no clarity of governmental purpose.

I request a meeting of the Citizen's Council to discuss the issues following from these recent events;

The besieging and subduing of the orcish threat,
The death of the necromancer Thulgrim,
The mismanagement of government spending,
The proportion of tax-exempt estates and other revenue sources for the state,
The cost incurred by the hiring of private mercenary companies,
The absence of active recruitment by the state guard,
The political consequences of the boarding of human refugees in Aerial.

And with aplomb,
The absence of the chairman and the lack of chaired councils.

Be seen!


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[!] A copy of this pamphlet is redistributed, as it had been even more weeks with both no citizens' council and no response.