Player Announcement Resignation and disbanding of the Council


Gamemaster Team
[!] An urgent and important message would be posted on the Emirates of Al-Khadir and Al-Jabrid noticeboards. It was abundantly clear to who the message was. [!]



Merhaba, Mazil ori'ent ati al'Rajalm,
Greetings, people of the realm,

My name is Amon Nahhid El-Rhûnakh. Many know me as the Al-Kahyn of the Temple of Isik, the Astisha of Religion and History—an advisor to the once-ruling Sultana and a guide for the people. I am writing to you to clarify my intentions and let you know that we, the council, have listened.

I came as a nomad to this city, swearing my loyalty and service to the Sultana upon her coronation as a member of the Kataphracts. I came to rebuild the private army and become a Kahyn to the people. I came to bring forth the Temple of Isik again and unite the people of all branches under a common faith. With this, I hoped to restore a prosperous nation and make the golden coast bloom with trade and people. For a short time, this was the case. Yet, due to my vision and zealotism of my faith, I did not see the corruption and failed to see the errors of our government. I entered the council as an Astisha and advisor, hoping to become a bridge between the people and the government in hopes of rooting out the issues. In this, I failed. And upon seeing the Sultana, the figure we, the Kha'mal, believed to be chosen by the light of Isik, whom I swore my loyalty to as her private guard and advisor, flee from her position and abandon us to our fate, reality had struck me. The people see me as an antagonist; the same Elves I swore to be a guide for, whose ancestors saved mine, see me as a villain. The ultimatum of the people was abundantly clear to me.

We came together, one last time, as a ruling council to find a solution. It was our duty to find a successor for the people. But in this, we knew that it would only bring more anger, and it was not something the people wanted. Our council decided to part ways in light of this and to listen to the people's demands.

So, as of last week, I, Amon Nahhid El-Rhûnakh, Al-Kahyn of the Emirates of Al-Khadir and Al-Jabrid, guide of the people of the Golden Coast and representative of the Kha'mal of the great dune sea, Astisha of Religion and History and advisor of Sultana Nahida Nobara, have signed my official resignation and renounce the titles bestowed upon me in my role as a member of the ruling council, the Almajlis Ae'la. With me, the Kataphracts once loyal to the Sultana have also departed from the palace.

With me, the following members of the Almajlis Ae'la have also resigned:

Emyhra Lapis Cupiditatem of the Emirate of Al-Jabrid and Astisha of Diplomacy,
Ghazi Kassim Farhad, head of the Sultanate army and Astisha of Arms
Aegnern Piuldrash, Astisha of Lore,
Şehzade of the Anjyarri Realm, Aziz Zaki Nobara, crown prince of Anjyarr.

Their resignations have either been announced or are yet to follow.

And with this, the Almajlis Ae'la, the ruling council of the royal court and government of the Sultanate of Anjyarr, is disbanded as of Sunday 23, Godsnight, 1546. The Jundi, with the absence of Ghazi Kassim Farhad, is out of service and is requested by the last remnants of the government to lay down their arms, surrendering to the people. I request that the last remaining Şehzade, Rayyan Adib Nobara, also lay his weapon and renounce the titles as the last member of the Nobara dynasty.

Hereby, I offer my unconditional surrender and open the doors of the Temple of Isik to the people of the new government, lending my aid to them and hoping to restore a new order in a better Anjyarr.

May the people, the Light of Isik, and its guides forgive me. I only meant to bring peace and prosperity to the Anjyarri realm.

Tarik ab shadam.

Al-Kahyn of Al-Jabrid and Al-Khadir, Amon Nahhid El-Rhûnakh
"They didn't even fight for the people they swore to protect. Cowards. All of them. Maybe its a good thing this all happened, the city can have actual leadership and safety instead of the illusion of it."

Amari would tell her mom in private
[!] Perseus wanders to the notice board upon hearing the commotion. Gently pushing his way through the crowd he reads over the missive. A glad, but concerned expression grows across his face [!]
"This is great and all... but what of the other four demands? This is not over"
Those that will not resign their titles and those who are still loyal to Nobara are to be killed, is what I'm guessing is gonna happen next
Jafar al Maliki Would read this and say
"Its been only 2 days since ana have been here and what is happening, Abbun (my father) was right this kingdom is unstable."