Scourge of Piracy!


Gamemaster Team
*Knaraugh would walk across the timbers of his ship blathering orders to the scallywaggers in his crew to swab the deck properly until a seagull arrives to him bearing a letter that reports say Mitrona has set out to capture Kape Roth*
Ahoy me Ladz! Da Tree-pansies wun' ta killz us Orks! Dey've cut down 'em trees ta make propah barges, wellz we'z gun give dem a propah beatin'. Batten down da hatchez, full sailz, for da glade o' dragon's, wez gun make dez pansies 'n stunties walk da plank, heave ho hornswagglers!

*Knaraugh would sit down in his captains cabin downing a skull chalice of goblin milk his eyes on the map gazing upon Zadh-Nadrozz, then back to Kape Roth* Dem landlubbahs can takez da Kape, but wez gun' give dem a good foight ferr it. *Would lean back in his chair watching hearing his one eyed parrot repeat the word 'foight' after him* Wez 'vent got da suppliez to beatz dem landlubber alliance, but it IT can! *Knaraugh would continue to laugh slamming the parrot cage for the bird to shut up.*

[!] The Jolly Rogorc would be raised on the mast of the Tide Crushah and be seen sailing the waters of Eden, meaning the Orcs prepare for war [!]