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The Lore Fiend
A piece of parchment was nailed to the notice boards of many provinces, written in fine penmanship.

Plea for the power of Ignos.

To whomever may read this, I seek the power of flame. I have traveled every kingdom far and wide for weeks, and my efforts have been less than fruitful. I have heard rumors of three masters of the fearsome flame of Ignos, yet the only potential candidates who I have met bear many pupils in waiting. I have heard rumor of one who bears no student, and it is them who I seek in particular. If you know anything of these masters, the studentless one above all else, send word back to me through letter. You shall find an address on this parchment to which to return word.

Those who assist me on my quest, in such a way that it bears fruit, shall be heavily rewarded in all manner of merit. In Andros, and in the appeal of my great many kin who I seek to save and better through the learning of this magic. Your contribution may secure relations between two kingdoms.

Unfortunately I must not reveal myself to those who would revile me for this plea, we may meet in person if you send word.

Thank you for your time.

(IGN: Twisted_Tiefling)
(DISCORD: Twisted#8229)
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