Treaty Southern Sovereignty | 7th of Redfall 1522


Sultan of Anjyarr, Arch-Pyromancer




Citizens of Al-Khadir & The Hinterlands

During this time of political crisis in Eden, the Sultan has met with the Stadhouder of the United Provinces.

I wish my people to know that said meeting was fruitful and refreshing from the unstable reign of King Roderick Withmond when relations were uncertain.

The complete and utter collapse of the past Kingdom of Hadriana has led to the distortion of balance on our side of the Spine of Eden.
Out of the conflict have spawned three sovereign nations that have divided a once-great population with its new borders.

In the eastern region known as the Hinterlands, a Republic was created under the Van Leuveren's. An experimental form of government. Laying at the heart of Eden but lacking resources the Stadhouder of this Nation has reached out to the Empire of Anjyarr for aid.

Though undeniably the Empire wishes to protect its own interest and not meddle with the affairs of the Northern Realms, this small republic has raised the interest of the Sultan. Their request was humble but not without consequences. Due to the reasonable military threat of the Kingdom of Veronia, the United Provinces has asked the Empire of Anjyarr to guarantee their independence as a sovereign nation. A request that, after productive talks, the Sultan has accepted. In return, the traders and merchants receive unlimited tax-free market stalls in the city of Wakkerdam, at the heart of all Eden's trade routes.

Let this agreement be the first of many in the growing friendship of our peoples.




Sultan Sig'Vyl Al-Buthara

Stadhouder Arnoud van Leuveren