Player Event Stone Golem Hunt


[A note written upon plain parchment has been pinned to the Mitrona noticeboard. The writing is messy, yet just barely legible, as if written by inexperienced hands.]

Seeking able bodied individuals to aid in the hunt of a Stone Golem.
The only reward being offered is the glory of the hunt and whatever might be found on the creature.
I am hoping to gather 10 warriors in total. If you wish to join please leave a note attached to this one.
Further details will be provided once the group has been formed.

- Ain
[A small sheet of parchment would be underneath it]

Just send for me when you start off for the golem
A reply is pinned to the bottom, written in very neat handwriting.

I have slain these before, and would gladly partake in the glory of slaying one again. If you need a medic and ranger, please consider my abilities.
-Scinari Shalia Chamaire
Another piece of paper would be seen underneath Shalia's. The handwriting was cursive and large.
| Count me in! |
-Jolie Elaine Lovell
A small ':3' could be seen at the bottom of the page with a heart.
The small piece of paper decorated the corners, the words wrinkled and smudged as if it has taken a plunge in a river

I hope you may consider my services
- Unmada
Unmada | Disillusioned Adventurer | Khadan Human ( Alive )
A small piece of parchment is placed underneath it, and a note is written in simple, clear, slightly cursive handwriting

I too would like to join this.
- Serimei Delarus, young magoi and Head Steward of Mitrona
A piece of paper is glued to the side of the notice.

Hopefully, I'll be able to make it. Would be lovely to be able to join in on the hunt.
- Ash
A ripped, thick. scented piece of paper, likely torn from a high-quality notebook, was posted slightly overlapping the older replies. Drawn details could be seen.

╔══════════ ༺ •,¸,.· ✧ ·.,¸,• ༻ ══════════╗

"My, such an interesting quest!
As a researcher from the esteemed Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion,
one seeks to learn more about the beasts of our lands.

I have encountered this note and have taken an interest in joining this adventure.
I would love to grace you my assistance and presence!"

Evira Ailia Caelestis

Researcher and Professor of the University of Aerial

╚══════════ ༺ •,¸,.· ✧ ·.,¸,• ༻ ══════════╝
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Unmada walked up to the Mitrona billboard, nerves frayed from trecking through the dark forest surrounding the city-state, and from the recent Bone Lord incedent. A large and heavy sack hung from her back, filled to the brim with weapons, raw ore, and armor.

The original message has long since been pasted over with a new poster stating that they need no more people.

She took a small writing quill and an inkwell and wrote in the corner in small text,

"Fellow warriors of the hunt. I have gathered supplies to fashion us in the fineist of weapons and armor. There will thus be no need in bringing your own. I have currently swords and axes of diamond, gold, iron, and stone which will be distributed in first come first serve basis."

- Unmada