Temporary setback to the order.


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[!] Nicely hung onto the notice board of the following cities hung a flyer, Mapledale, Lionne, Luminion.
The piece of paper held neatly written words in a yellow ink, decorated with several curls on the edges of the paper,
all of which holding a feint glow.



We as the order of Thyst are facing a temporary setback,
the undead forces of the supposed lord of bones have tightened up around the fallen city of Eisarngrad.
Due to this the path to the library is deemed unsafe to traverse for anyone,
any attempt is ill-advised and is sure to be met with misfortune.
The Pretorian of Thyst deems this only a temporary setback,
we shall not falter and we shall take back the path to knowledge.

The undead are no obstacle we cannot move past in our pursuit to know all.

~ Signed, Thyst high council.
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Maple Nephele Grace
Yelran Roseshade
Elduin Lafarallin Fitzalan-Daeris-De Sylvanus
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