The Clinic has opened - Official message of the Enlightened Kingdom


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Dear citizens of the Enlightened Kingdom and residents of this continent we call Eden.
The Enlightened Kingdom has officially opened the doors to it's Hillith institute.
[Health Institute]
After long absence from the Enlightened Kingdom our fellow Azari'cill Erin Lazaru has been appointed as head Medi'cilus, together with her assistant Viridian Green they will do their best to spread the knowledge they posses about medicine, healthcare and other medical related affairs.

The Enlightened Kingdom by this letter wishes to invite all to come by our institute for either knowledge or medical help.

Upon entering the city, our Hillith institute can be found after the second gate, in front of the Grand Library.

Contact Erin or Viridian for more information.
Discord tags: moon-the-creator#7606 or soft_flake#9673

Signed in the name of the Enlightened Kingdom by,
Pricecilus, Cillar cloak, Visera & Centuri'lunar Fynenar Aey'flir