The Commonwealth of Anjyarr: A Criticism of Two Sides

[!] Flyers would be posted throughout Al-Khadir and Al-Jabrid, posted among many other notices and missives. Though this one would be rather different from the rest. A poem for all of Anjyarr.

────⊱⁜⊰──── ⋆.ೃ࿔:・ ────⊱⁜⊰────
I see our streets, as many do, littered in golden sand
It flows with our feet throughout daily ventures;
the markets, our homes, the palace Grand.

I see our people, as many do, shifting like our dunes.
Deceitful, pride lusted Egos, all grabbing for a single seat.
A seat that no longer resides at our banquet, but rather buried in consuming sand.
Useless and defeated of it's intended purposes.

The crown claws for it's throne like a cornered beast,
it's handlers consumed in the process.
Yet the sands shift, restless, from the provoking of outliers demanding change.

I see our streets, as many do, bustling with whispers from the inked words inciting war.
A battle with ghosts for bodies, a feud of the few fought for the many;
Many of which never asked for blood shed.

I see the streets, as many do, devoid of our golden sand.
The skirmish between two sides, both inciting baseless change,
have left them bare by use of fear and death.

I see the streets, as many do, soon to be drenched in red.
I ask the crown, I ask these outliers,
Who do you intend to lead when all our people are dead?

────⊱⁜⊰──── ⋆.ೃ࿔:・ ────⊱⁜⊰────
A pink-hued Tiefling wandering the falling streets of Anjyarr pauses at the letter. Truthfully, he didn't care much for the conflict as it didn't really affect him, though he'd still read every note and letter posted across the noticeboards of the city.

His eyes would finally lay upon a certain poem, a glance, a flicker of the eyes, and a passing... Was what he would usually do, but for once he decided to fully read one of the notices'; it was a poem after all, something more enjoyable than a paragraph of persuasion.

"Mmm." - "I guess I can somewhat agree; Il est cependant regrettable que les choses aient pris cette tournure..." He'd shrug. "As long as Os' tavern stays safe. That's all that matters in the end."
With that, he'd give a few nods of affirmation to himself and skip off his merry way.