Nation Announcement The Dawn of an Old Age


Missives would be posted on notice boards in Mitrona, Salus Limin, and Sunscape. Azari'cerr in white robes could be seen passing the missives out to those walking by.

Harvestday 18, New Dawn, 1548
Lilith's Veil


I am High Councilor Lanelor Camoran. Some of you may know me from my tavern in Salus Limin, others may have seen me sparring with a certain dark Denevir. I write this to announce that the Khari'cerr has appointed me as the new Visera after its long vacancy.

For far too long, Azari'cerr have been passive in their faith. Many a time I have visited the temple to find myself alone, rather than being amongst other faithful. This is something I wish to change. As Visera, I intend to guide the nation back to our ancient traditions with the blessing of our esteemed Khari'cerr. I dream of hearing praises to Kharash being sung in the streets once again, to see our rites and rituals of old being performed again, to feel the very presence of Kharash in every 'Cerr I meet.

I invite any Scinar or Scinari within the Arbor to come speak with me, to make plans on how we can work together and reinvigorate the faith within our kin. For those needing guidance or aspiring to become a priest, I invite you to seek me out as well. Together, we can return Mitrona to greatness in the eyes of the gods.

Mirr Kharash Ller'taphim Sýni.

Khari'cerr, N'vaestil "Izara" Vobisere
High Councilor, Lanelor Camoran, Visera of Mitrona