The Dawn to Come - On the Future of Anjyarr



A Political Missive on the Future of Anjyarr


Anjyarri locals discussing the missive amongst themselves, arguing on the veracity of the text's propositions and whether the state of Anjyarr could withstand Esebius' proposals.
“For even in the search, one must first find the ground; it is there that answers to the rest reside. The flames fanned through the fact that the ground is not firm. The ground is not stable. For self is never truly self, but a flurry of movement hither to and forth. It is on these shifting grounds that we arrive, and it is there that we must build. For once we do, something different will continuously be emerging. It is in this emergence that we arrive. It is in the shifting that we might hold. Though seemingly weak, the bonds of self are wound and wound by hope that what was built shall last. A belief is the bond. Trust is the suture. But even still, one must hold to indeterminacy, for it speaks to the way forward. Arrive, dear students, arrive and remember that tomorrow is a struggle understood today and set on its course by yesterday. There is no easy path. No certain path. No fated path. There simply stands to be different ways to imagine.” (Lecture on Ancient Azari Philosophy delivered by Asamen Il-Ikhin in 1331 AFS)

I remember hearing these words nearly two centuries back. When I first heard them they made no sense to me. I was a young Azari’lunn then, if you could believe that. Caught by the passionate winds of study. But for centuries onward they spoke to me. Their presence serving as a guide within the perilous times that I have faced. Those uncertain times as I have often called them. Though Master Asamen was speaking in relation to ancient history prior to even the Age of the Fallen Spires. These words carry forth a critical importance to today. And it is through them that I begin to lay down a foundation. I shall begin to lay forth decisive actions to come. For the future of Anjyarr is bound by a belief for something different. And such a belief requires the building of trust. A different kind of faith in a new form of being.

The metaphor of “golden sand” was used by a young poet in recent times to discuss the struggles of Anjyarr. Though the poem carried with it the air of certainty when it comes to traditional struggles for power. Wherein nobles vie for authority. I shall be earnest in two points: 1) This is no traditional struggle. 2) I am no Azari’lunn of noble birth. In this way, the “golden sand” spoken towards is a false inheritance beckoned forth by the rhetoric of power. I, in my life, have never felt the sand to be golden. Instead, its presence has been sun-beaten, forgotten, but used in everything that power requires. Sand, like the people, was a heavily used tool that situated itself outside the realm of acknowledgement. And this tool came to serve one group: those with power. It is for them that the “golden” value of sand arrives, for it is not for the common Anjyarri. Most especially not the common Azari’lunn.

On these terms, though I see the beauty in the word, many forget the great importance of considering history in their respective struggle. In weaving the past into laying the grounds for the future. Though this is no way makes me any more valuable than any other member of the sands. It does afford me one thing, as it did the masters before me, the ability to teach.

In the age to come, dear people, we traverse a new path. Not one beset by the titles of power in the traditional fashion that Anjyarr has borne. Nay, these titles have been desecrated through violence, through treason against the masses, through disregard for the will of countless. It has led to my bondage, my imprisonment, and my mutilation. But greater than me, the continued practice of ignorance that has shaped the crown and its advising council. I say this with the knowledge of one certain fact: the divinity of any crown is a falsity beset by those yearning to solidify and consolidate their reign. No one person is chosen as a better by an outside force. Unless Fineall or the Greater Will descended before us and spoke it so for all to hear. The course to come cannot be bound by the backwards desire of false inheritances. It is a hidden course of power rather than the legitimate course of merit that allowed the Nobara line and its antecedents to govern. And that I write with the earnestness of my knowledge.

For though Sultan Sig’vyl Al-Buthara was born from a noble line, it is often forgotten that his power descended from his family’s continued inheritance of magical power. Supposedly the flames called to him, right? Nay, it was a birthright beset by a name. Excluded to others for they lacked such a name. In similar terms, Nahida, his child, was afforded the same rights except on more political terms. For merit becomes malformed in these narratives. Claims to thrones sustained through lies and deception. The superiority of any one Azari’lunn or any one race, if we are to be honest, being a falsity in form. Though the differences in races speak. That must remain honest in its form as I write. For these differences are the foundation of cultural forms that have not melded and likely will not due to historical differences. And on these terms, I return to one clear fact, merit must not be a matter of inheritance any longer within Anjyarr. It must be a matter earned. Whether through the differences of each respective person that comes to Anjyarr or not.

On these terms, the future to come is one bound to a new reflection on merit. Not defined by dynasties or families. But rather one defined by the labor of life. The toil that gets forgotten by those with power. The struggle that Fineall so often tested us Azari’lunn with.

With the coming dissolution of the Crown then, what is to come? This is the question I am sure many have started asking at the suggestion of such a ludicrous proposal. In truth, I cannot bear certainty in the words I offer. If the people call for the return of a Sultan, so it shall be. But I know one thing is for certain, power shall be further decentralized from such a role. If there even is to be ‘High Council’ again, it shall not be shaped by the false powers that have been granted to them in the past.

A glowing need for return often shaped the discourse of Anjyarr for so long. Though the question I often asked when posed with this simple query was simple: what past? As easily as we can return to the refugee ancestors that have shaped both Azari’lunn or even Khadan ancestry. I see to it that the domination of the Azari’lunn since the time of the Rotting Plague speaks to the greater influence that will shape the course of Anjyarr history in the time to come. Though I personally am no retributionist in form, what that makes of the laws that will shape our future shall surely be of Azari’lunn make. How they shape up with the course of a greater people is uncertain. But I shall ensure that the voice of the masses not be disenfranchised on the basis of any cultural or racial fact. To speak earnest has long been the hope I have fought for. Yet it does not mean that one’s worlds will be taken in stride. Though it also means that none should be imprisoned, mutilated, or killed for what they speak. I dare not offer any exceptions here, for that should be up to the unanimous consent of the masses.

Returning once more to the course of what comes after the Crown. I propose here with the tides of change that a transitional government is necessary for the coming year or two. Both to stabilize the lands of Anjyarr, but also to allow for continued meetings both with the leadership of said government and the masses. It is critical that all people that dwell in Anjyarr be heard from. My proposal on the matter of who should lead this interim is the following:

  1. A competent and learned individual with adept knowledge of Anjyarri issues, both nationally and internationally.
  2. An individual of resolve who has stood fervently against the whims of the Sultanate since before the time of the civil unrest.
  3. Someone committed to the cause of not only Anjyarr but also its people. In turn, a strong commitment to the Azari’lunn as well.
  4. One willing to tarry with the uncertainty to come and mete a different course for Anjyarr.
There are countless names that arrive in my mind as I provide this criteria. Many friends who have come to guide us in this movement. And with the mold of what is to come being set, I am assured that one most capable will rise to take the helm in the times of change. In truth, it will be the people’s very offerings that shape the future. Both those with us now and those that have passed to get us here. I will also note my interest in ensuring this future becomes a possibility, in whatever role is selected for me. Whether leading as the old Azari’lunn elders of the past did after the Age of Fallen Spires or guiding as scholars have always been privy to. The make of a new Anjyarr shall not be without my offerings, as insignificant as they might be.

On another note, I think it critical that all historians, theologians, and scholars of any make a grand return to the archives within the palace libraries, university library, and the grand library to piece together forgotten narratives of the past as they relate to Anjyarr and the Azari'lunn. It is through these forgotten narratives that we can forge a new foundation for Anjyarr. One not mottled by the desire for the consolidation of one singular figure or group that can be easily abuse their position, but rather a decentralized force that can allow for a greater majority to not only be heard but also speak. It is in the past that we can come to terms with the ways that our future can be reimagined. Whether it be through reinventing or radically altering. History becomes a necessary tool in not only offering guidance, but also serving as a foundation for tomorrow.

In the end, the struggle of Anjyarr has not been resolved. I would argue the struggle should never be resolved. It is what keeps Anjyarr in movement. It is the shifting ground that we find ourselves in. But what is to emerge and be built, it is there that our hope must rest. The change to come shall feel uncertain. Though the Azari’lunn that ran from the glades near millennia and a half ago felt that uncertainty in their very being. An exodus like no other. But here we find a different exodus, one that requires different solutions. I offer this proposal with the hoping of piecing together something different for Anjyarr. A new way. One that can truly show the masses the “golden sands” spoken by that poet reflecting on the struggle. I do not seek that blood be spilt beyond my own and the tyrant. That is the only blood needed to make a new Anjyarr. On these terms, I hold hope, dear people of Anjyarr, in the greater will that shall be shaped by this cause. A cause for the people and by the people. A cause that shall unveil the true merit that has long been forgotten in Anjyarr. A cause for a new narrative. A new history. A new Anjyarr.