The Decree of Dissolution of the Jundi


[!] A flier is nailed around Al-Khadir [!]

In the shadows of Al-Khadir, amidst the winds of change that now sweep through our forsaken lands, I, Eol of the Azari'lunn, invoke my authority as the last Arjuani of the Jundi, the guardians once sworn to protect the Sultanate. This decree shall mark the end of an era and the dissolution of the Jundi.

We, the Jundi, have long stood as the unseen blade and the muted whisper in the dark, safeguarding our realm from threats both within and without. Our loyalty was to the land and its people, bound by honor, yet that very honor has been forsaken by those who once commanded our allegiance.

The arrest and subsequent torture of Esebius, a kinsmen of my own, signifies the decay of the values we held sacred. This act of brutality, sanctioned by the very power we served, reveals a corruption deep within the roots of Al-Khadir. Esebius, who fought with valor and spoke with truth, was repaid with unspeakable cruelty—his voice silenced, his spirit exiled.

As such, by the power vested in me and the authority I still hold, I hereby declare the formal dissolution of the Jundi. Let it be known that we shall lay down our arms and disband what remains of our ranks.

To those who stood with us, to the shadows that moved with honor under the moon's pale gaze, I urge you to walk away from this dark chapter. Seek out new paths in the light or the shadows of lands not stained by betrayal. Our fight is no longer with the sword but with the spirit of resilience that no dungeon can imprison and no torture can vanquish.

This decree is not an act of surrender but a declaration of liberation. We are freed from the bonds of servitude. Let the scrolls remember the Jundi not for how we ended, but for the valor with which we fought to protect the innocent.

Thus, with a heart both heavy and hopeful, I end the saga of the Jundi. We return to the dust of our ancestors, spirits unbound, leaving behind the shadows for a dawn that will one day rise over Al-Khadir, free from the yoke of tyranny.

Eol of the Azari'lunn
Arjuani of the Jundi