Nation Announcement [ The Execution of Taeworyan Enbanese ]


Forest Guardian spirit of Myln Arbor
[!] A public notice was sent out from the Mystical Empire of Mitrona

The Execution of Taeworyan Enbanese
The Emerald Dusk

Vale ce all those who read tis Public official report. Just 14 days after the killing of Emika, another pledger has came to our doorstep turning himself in ann revealed to us the crimes he has commited. He surrendered after he discovered the death of Emi and wished to be a slave to the Bone Lord ne longer when he realized Mordazan could net be able to give him what he desired most, respect from others. Taeworyan Enbanese was a fellow Azari'cerr who has long lost his path. It was of my duty as Khari'cerr to make sure he would die by the hands of his kin ann be given to Kharash as a sacrifice. Where we pray his azari'cerr cellennus will be cleansed.

Taeworyan Enbanese was burned to the crisp by Scinar ann Warrior Ali Yule with thi assistance of Warrior Tarron Araven ann myself, Khari'cerr Vidarr. His last words were simple "Emi" . With that being said, there cire still more pledgers out there who roam thi realm ann mi will hunt those who pose a threat ce Myln Arbor ann it's inhabitants. Vale'tar.

- Signed Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr