Event Announcement The Fountain of Knowledge - Grand Opening of the Colleges of Magic.


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*OOC: Messengers from the Enlightened kingdom would travel around the Eden to spread the word. Announcements would be nailed on the notice boards of the nations of Eden.*

Grand opening of the Colleges of Magic.



The mother gave the Azari'cill the sacred task of guiding the people of Eden on the path of enlightenment.
This day will be the next step towards reaching that goal.

The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion proudly announces the official opening of the Colleges of Magic.
We wish to celebrate this with the people of Eden, therefor all the readers of this pamphlet are invited to come and celebrate in Luminion.

Celebrations will include a market for magical trinkets and all other kinds of richness and a grand tourney with big prize pools.
There will also be a stand where one can sign up for the different upcoming classes in the college.

Spread the word and rejoice, for this is the beginning of a new era for all.​
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OOC: The grand opening/tourney will take place on Friday the 24th of December. - 8 PM CET / 2 PM EST
Details regarding the classes and the tourney prize pools will be revealed closer to the event.
*Would be sitting on a roof somewhere writing some books when he see's a new pin to the notice board in Luminion* "Hmm. Maybe I should go to school again"