The Grand Re-Opening


Upon parchments placed around Mitrona there was an announcement to all who read, they stated:

Dear people of Mitrona, and neighboring cities, I am pleased to announce the grand re-opening of Mitrona's college.

College Evergreen

My name is Aiswyth, the new Head Mistress of the College Evergreen in Mitrona, I invite all who see this notification to unite with us at the grand re-opening. We shall supply information on the institution and its purpose. I shall personally provide a tour and give an opening speech for the event while my teachers shall explain the full extent of their classes. At the end of the event, we shall accept all inquiries or concerns regarding the establishment and its lessons.

The opening event shall be in 2 weeks.

OOC: March 10 5:00 pm CST

We hope to see you there and wish you safe travel!

Some information may be added or changed at a later date