Nation Announcement The Incident with thi De'nevir Caligo


Forest Guardian spirit of Myln Arbor

The Incident with thi De'nevir Caligo
Lilith's Veil
Vale to those who it all may concern. Referring to Mitrona's previous public statement regarding Krisa Amadeus. It resulted in the temprorary banishment of all Zadh Natrozz citizens. I am awar
e the De'nevir
Caligo is loved by many of mi kin, however that does not excuse thi fact they entered Mitrona grounds knowingly banished as a Zadh Natrozz citizen. I gave them a warning as a sign of my mercy towards the de'nevir, I dont hold joy in killing others. It was until the first of this month where I held a cultural prayer celebration I realized that my warning was ignored. Caligo entered the chapel injured with no aid. Meaning they had been roaming around Mitrona prior. To dare appear before my face in thi ar'baor after I had already warned them.

Seeing this carelessness of an official order from the Khari'cerr taken lightly is what ultimately led to Caligo's death. Although I was told Caligo was forced into Mitrona for being injured, regardless they are banished from the lands therefore they will still be treated as such from the law. Caligo and the people around them knew this, yet stayed around thinking they would remain unpunished. They were wrong.

Once I've spared someone, they best take it to heart because I will not do it again. Vale'tar.

- Signed Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr


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Shakes his head "So this is what we have come to? To kill someone trying to find first aid. As if they have a choice in the forest of finding aid. Disgusting."
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