Player Event The Passing of A Cerr


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[!] A note was posted on to the information board of Mitrona an to select people who knew Arnya

The Passing of A Cerr


Lilith's Veil
This evening I received a letter of the passing of one of mi beloved concubines passing and returning to Kharash,
Arnya Inayn'ore

Arnya has left my wife Safaia ann I her will. Ore daughter, Orianna Vidarr and her bird, Shadow will be left under mi care.

Though her death is unknown wi will assume it is from nature. Her death was too early and she herself was too young to pass in such a way.
Her funeral will be held very soon by the Mitrona Graveyard in front of the palace

OOC: Sunday the 12th at 2 pm est / 8 pm cest
*Solana frowned, sitting on her Mushroom Balcony, reading the note* "What o Shame...Arnya's Death was too early... What O waste of Life. Mi Hope She's in O better place. " *She'd sigh softly, biting her thumbnail, before turning around, walking back into her office, and placing the note on her desk as a reminder to attend the Funeral.*