Player Announcement [ The Passing of Emika ]


Forest Guardian spirit of Myln Arbor
[!] A notice was delivered to Al-Khadir, and the news would spread quickly

Emika's Obituary
The Emerald Dusk

Vale as mi come baring news of thi passing of Emika or Emi as many had referred her to. She's has lived a spontaneous life and has met many people across eden. Her scholarly endeavors and witty responses will be vividly remembered in our hearts. In her It was until she publicly pledged to thi Bone Lord because of Curiousity, where she faulted greatly and resulted in her being hunted ever since. Upon Emi's arrival to Mitrona, wi greeted her with the great adversity as we would for all those who support The Bone Lord and his endeavors. I, Khari'cerr Mythantharr attempted to persuade her to promise mi to find a way to break thi pledge that hold her souls freedom or else die with an eternal corrupted soul. After a tireless argument, I let her go to show her the consequences of her actions. She was immediately stopped by the crowd, and never made it out of Myln Arbor. She requested that I, Khari'cerr Mythantharr Kill her to let her rest. I do not refuse on such a request, my honor is very dear to me. Emika was promptly taken to the temple ann Sacraficed to Kharash. Where she was then cremated to prevent Bone lord or any others from interfering. I will send tis as a warning to all those who have pledged to at least attempt to get help or be faced with Kinna as a vassal for thi bone lord.
(a quote of Emi's inspired by her eternal chase for curiosity - taken and adapted from David Hilbert's response to "ignoramus et ignorabimus")
I cannot believe those who today, with philosophical bearing and deliberative tone, prophesy the fall of culture and accept the ignorabimus. For me there is simply no ignorabimus, and for sure not in magic, or in time, whatever it may be. In opposition to this foolish ignorabimus, my tenant will be I will know. I must know.
Stares down at the obituary and shakes his head "How did it come to this" with a sigh he retreats back into his home, Hades following closely behind.