Nation Announcement Thi Beginning Es O New Era


A piece of parchment would be nailed on every nation's bulletin board.

Thi Beginning Es O New Era
Mitrona Symbol.png


Vale, inhabitants of Eden.

There has been a recent change in leadership within the Mystical Empire.
As the chosen successor, I will be taking over the position previously held by Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr in the Mystical Empire of Mitrona, as they have willingly resigned from their position.

My name is;
Aedan Pineblossom
the once Tri'cilus of the empire, I've come a long way and now hold the esteemed title of Khari'cerr.

To my filos, kin, residents of the empire, and associates.

It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Khari'cerr and my commitment towards building a brighter and prosperous future for Mitrona is unwavering. I will work tirelessly towards achieving this goal. With this, there will be numerous new changes will be implemented, assignments distributed, and various positions appointed.
I appreciate your support.

May the Kharash's hand guide you.
Glory to the Mystical Empire.

Khari'cerr Aedan Pineblossom
Chieftess Aiswyth Pineblossom
High Councilor Faiir Chamaire
High Councilor Ekarus Grace
Tri'cilus Arlena

Elduin hummed to himself, reading this particular notice during the many busy days of tending to his city. He shrugged, not quite knowing Aedan personally enough to have any certain opinions. Back to work, he goes!
*mortis would pick the piece of paper, looking at it closer*
Should pay him a visit somewhen.
*continuing his path to find more news on the recent happenings*
Respen would get the notice handded to him by his ward, reading it with intrest as he then handed it back to him
it would seem i need to pay a visit to him soon.
as he then would continue his work to keep his lands in peaceful order