Nation Announcement Thi Death es o Traitor.


Professional Menace
[!] Posters and pamplets were delivered and put up on each nation's notice board
The Death of a Traitor

Eden's Shine 13.08.31
[!] Like the former poster most of it would be translated into common for an easy read

Vale people of Eden,
This poster is being written to announce the death of the traitor Ali Yule, also the retraction of the bounty on Lapis Cupiditatem once paid for.
On Fireday 13, Sunfall, 1531 Ali Yule got brought to us alive to later be executed publicly infront of an audience.

[!] The poster was short yet left a clear message
- Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr
- High councilor Axilya Xyrzana
- High councilor Aethrim Nevarel
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