Player Announcement Thi Kinna es o Filo.

[!] Copies of a note were delivered to each nation by a figure clad in a deep green cloak.
Thi Kinna es o Filo
The Death of a Friend

Lilith's Veil | 08.01.1532

This is not a world without pain. Without grief. Without cruelty.
This is a world with rules. With law, with order, with cillitill, and with kerr'os.
This is a world with love. With hate. With enemies, and with friends.
And this is a world with blood.
Tonight, all of this became dreadfully apparent.

Under a blanket of rain, moments before what was meant to be a celebration of culture and prayer, a dear friend to many and enemy to none was struck down. For the simple crime of finding comfort in a nation that Mitrona didn't favor, and for the crime of seeking help.
Caligo was a close companion of mine. Through thick and through thin, through the worst moments and the most joyous, he was there. He was beloved by all who knew him, and he will be missed more with each moment that passes without him.

It brings me no joy to write this obituary. It brings me no pride in my nation to see an innocent man slain without so much mercy as a second thought. It brings me no honor as an advisor to the Khari'cerr to see him knelt beside the body of my friend, invoking Kharash for forgiveness. To know he feels as guilty as I do for issuing the banishment of an entire people for an offense of only a handful.

Caligo, my dear, sweet friend. My ally, my muse, who could never hurt a soul. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that your life was stolen from you tonight. I'm sorry that you had to become a victim of Mitrona's ignorance.
I'm sorry that I could do nothing to protect you in your final moments. I'm sorry.
Wherever you are, please know that I will never take off the necklace you gave me. I will never let your memory disappear.

This is not a world without pain. Without grief. Without cruelty.

This is a world with all three.
With heavy heart, heavy hand, and misty eyes,
Aethrim Nevarel | High Councilor
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Somewhere, someone stops by a message board and reads the obituary.
Somewhere, someone's brow furrows in confusion and bafflement as he takes in each word.
Somewhere, someone sucks in his teeth, unsure what to say or do for a moment, before whispering just two words.
"Wellllll fuck."