Nation Announcement Thi New Alliance es Amber ann Silver


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Throughout the land, many things happen,

and many things change but something that will always remain true is the bond the Azari'cerr and Azari'cill share and as our forefathers and rules have done we will do the same as we once more unite the glade under the Alliance of Amber and Silver. And we all rejoice in the happiness and safety of our old friends of the glade as we will stand together once more to defend our homes to defend our people from all that wishes to harm them as we remade this alliance once more.

This pact will continue till the end of our rule and non of us shall break this packet in the honor of our people as they look to us for salvation and answers as we will rejoice in each other's company.

Military Alliance
Those who have signed this pact agree on the following terms:
- Both groups will agree to aid each other in a military capacity when that nation is being threatened. These are the provinces within the Glade of Dragons and its colonies.

- Both groups will refrain from participating in any conflicts which put them at odds with one another. Further, there will be no conflicts between citizens or families of note within either state.

- Both groups will open each other's borders for one another, allowing for free trade and military access.

-When visiting either territory, citizens are expected to abide by the laws upon which soil they stand and respect the local customs.

-Should an issue or conflict arise that breaches this article, the signatories agree to handle the matter via the appropriate, diplomatic channels.
- If any group wishes to start a conflict with another nation or place they will discuss this first with the other if aid is needed or if they want others to help them.

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Therri’cill Respen Zaithrall, Demon butcher, Giant Slayer, Weaver of Waves

Pricecili Cirlia Zaithrall
Elduin L. de Sylvanus Lord-Regent of Aerial

Royal Councilor Iansandoral Vithalion'dir

Khari'cerr, Cirrim Aedan Pineblossom "The Wild One", "The Veteran"
Chieftess, Aiswyth Pineblossom "The Knowledgeable"
High Councilor and Pricecili, Elmyra Pineblossom
High Councilor and Tri'cilus, Arlena
High Councilor, Faiir Chamaire
High Councilor, Serimei Delarus
High Councilor, Ekarus Grace