Nation Announcement To Refresh and Reform


Therri'cill of Luminion, Aeromancer and your God
Staff member
[!] A pamphlet reading the following was distributed throughout the Enlightened Kingdom


To Refresh and Reform
Issued: 5th of Rainswrath, 1531


Rise, Enlightened Citizens, for the Therri'cill has called for Citizen Council elections.
In an effort to refresh and revitalize the chairman's position in the Citizen Council, the post will be opened up for all citizens to apply for.

The position to serve the Enlightened Kingdom and her people as its mouthpiece in the council is prestigious and should not be taken lightly.
Therefore it is deemed only appropriate to heed the rotation of the position and open elections for each who wishes to run for this seat.


All those who wish to sign themselves up as a candidate for the position is to return the pamphlet with the information on the back filled out.

[!] When you turn the paper you see a candidacy pamphlet.
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Resident since: (year)
Purity rank:

Please describe briefly why you wish to take up the position:


Debates are to be hosted shortly after all have signed up.
Signing up can be done for the remainder of Rainswrath (19/03/23)


Therri'cill Aldir'tor Zaithrall



The old man
Staff member
Name: Volronus
Age: 58
Attian Vari
Resident since:
1531 - (Jan 28th, 2023)
Purity rank:
The Cultured - (60 Purity Credits)
Please describe briefly why you wish to take up the position:

"When in the course of Azari'cill events it becomes necessary for the lower rungs of society to be diligent in service to their betters through the machinations of day-to-day governance, it becomes necessary for strong willed individuals amongst humble rungs to take up that mantle. I, Volronus, as a reformed and integrating Vari, long studied scholar and valiant adherent to the teachings of the mother stand to take up such calling. To deliver necessary reformations and litigations so that the internal workings of governance might be as lethal as the blades of the Tyr’es Alari. As a non-Azari'cill my flesh is weak but my spirit is endowed and continuously instructed with the blessings of enlightenment handed to me by the gracious betters of the state. It is the logical step in my fervent piety to such ideology to use my acquired skills and knowledge of political stratagems to create a high-functioning emboldened legislature that reflects the qualities of a powerful and prosperous realm."


Chairman of the Citizen's Council of Luminion
Name: Iansandoral Lo'theas Vithalion'dir
Age: 146
Race: Azari'cill
Resident Since: 2023
Purity Rank: The Enlightened

"Our existence within the Enlightened Kingdom is called to by our service of it. So that we may all bask in the ever-glory that is the grandeur of society as a collective, ensured by our mutual stewardship. This such notion is what I have dedicated myself to, the constant upholding of our communal values, ones built upon foundations of diligent work and a pride to see our Kingdom prosper. Where these philosophical concepts of duty have been laid, one can see the tangible cases of my ethic and the experiences that come with a role in society I all but endeavour to maintain. As an interim Chairman of the Citizen's Council, I have not only the duties inspired by morality alone to persuade my candidacy, for it is often easy to boast about sailing the sea without knowing of the tides, but also the experience that comes from actual participation, and upon the sea has my ship therefore already sailed. Proven, through my instantaneous initiative to better the Citizen's Council's functioning for the betterment of our Kingdom and those that dwell within it. Not only this, but I have been able to do so, be the Chairman of the Citizen's Council, alongside my other responsibilities within the Enlightened Kingdom, for service is to me, is to the moon, the sun. Such as cases I could provide within the Civil Office and as a Diplomatic representative of the Enlightened Kingdom."​

Iansandoral Vithalion'dir,
Interim Chairman of the Citizen's Council of Luminion
Civil Officer of the Civil Office of Luminion
Diplomat for the Hadrian Empire
Diplomat for the Raevendrecht Republic