Uniforms and Heraldry of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion


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Uniforms and Heraldry of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion

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The Tyr'es Alari

The Tyr'es Alari is the main body of the armed forces of the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion. Their icon is a mirror to that of the Enlightened kingdom itself. Where the nation coat of arms depicts the Silver Phoenix proudly in the centre, the coat of arms of the Tyr'es Alari depicts the same phoenix but in gold on a darker red background. This is supposed to represent the phoenix being ablaze, leading the charge of the armed forces to the foe who threatens the kingdom.

The Ama'cillar is stationed outside the Capital of Luminion in a series of bases. Their headquarters is the Lunar keep which lays to the north of the capital city of Luminion itself. Day and night the proud children of the Ama'cillar stand ready to defend the Enlightened kingdom and its citizens against foreign invaders, roaming monsters, and rampaging hordes of savages.

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Soldiers of the Ama'cillar

The main body of the forces of the Tyr'es Alari is made up of the Ama'cillar, or silver army in common. This is a volunteer force equipped with the finest weapons and armour the Enlightened Kingdom can produce. They are easily distinguished from other forces within the Kingdom by their red cloaks and shields similar to the coat of arms they bear.

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Supporting the infantry lines made up of spearmen and archers is the cavalry. Those knights of Luminion ride into battle on the finest Elven steeds while wearing steel plate armor decorated by head or shoulder pieces.

Behind the frontlines stand the Scinari. These valiant brothers and sisters of the temple of the silver phoenix support the main body of the army through prayer, medical care and magical wrath of the Scinari possesses such powers.

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- A Scinari priest serving in the Ama'cillar.

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