A new Home


[!] A letter would be nailed to the notice board of Lowenmark as copies of it would be distributed to the van der Draecks to spread to the rest of Hadriana [!]

southern hinterlands.png

Thunderday 28, Highsun, 1545

Since our family's departure from our home Lowenmark its halls run silent and the walls of its great keep growing old and rusty, but no longer will our old town be silent. It is with the guidance of Lord Silas van Leuveren that we continue our long-tested allegiance under him taking up the reigns to guide Lowenmarks future.

Under the guidance of our Lord van Leuveren the van der Draeck family has chosen Harrsion van der Draeck to lead as the new Markgraf of the Southern Hinterlands. Following our Lord through his leadership in the Southern Hinterlands to Bergwaltz we shall once again renew our loyalty and allegiance to Lord van Leuveren hoping to bring glory back to Lowenmark and its Hintish people.

Harrsion van der Draeck

[!] Atticus looked over the missive and squinted, holding a judgmental expression as he read over its content and mention of Silas within Lionne.