Player Event A new reign.


High King

Therri'cill Aldir'tor Zaithrall has stepped down from his holy post to fulfill a new mission the Mother has presented to him.

It is because of this that I, Thalanil Larethael, am forced to take up the task of leading the Azari'cill into a bright future. His former Luminous Majesty has put me in charge of this, as he believes that I shall take care of all the Azari'cill and all others that live within our borders to the best of my capibilities. This is true, and nothing shall change the daily lives of you, the citizen of the Luminous Kingdom.

You may wonder how I am fit to fill this position. The Larethael family has served the Azari'cill people for many centuries, and fought by your forefathers' side during the Age of Fallen Spires. I have served the state for a long time as your Minister of Internal Affairs and have a strong bond with you, the people. In this letter I vow to defend and serve the Azari'cill people for as long as I may live, and I shall produce strong heirs to lead us down the path of enlightenment.

To all our current allies and friends, nothing will change for you either. I vow to uphold any existing treaties between the nations, and treat all with the upmost respect as I arise to my new station. I also vow to leave any personal quarrels behind me as I ascend to this new position.

My coronation will be held within the upcoming days, I expect the support of the Azari'cill people and I invite all Kings, Sultans and Leaders of the world to join me in this grim, yet joyous affair.

OOC: The Coronation will happen on Friday the 26th at 9PM CET

Wi cire thi till irr kerr'os.

Naon Would be Reading the Letter and would say "Well that just happened" Then proceeds to get a headache.

Saleh picks up the letter

" I wish well for this elf I hope he rules with justice unlike the previous one "