Nation Announcement A reaching hand.


High King

[!] Many copies of this letter would be scattered around Luminion.

I am your Therri'cill, Thalanil Larethael, and I am currently in an undisclosed location at the time of writing this letter.
I am in good hands, and make it well.

Prince Eldrin Faerondaerl and Mister Fynenar Aey'flir have conspired with some other Azari'cill to take the throne, in turn I have left the city of Luminion to seek aid.

I have found that aid, and I write this letter in the light of the Mother. I bargained with the rebels on neutral land, and begged them to lay down their weapons to spare Azari'cill blood. They refused, and now the rebels shall be destroyed with a fury that cannot be classified as anything other than divine.

I now reach out to all of the loyal Azari'cill, do not suffer under the regime of these pretender rebels. Come to me, your rightful Therri'cill and help me get rid of this filth. They have proven themselves impure and unworthy of forgiveness in the light of the Mother. Do not trust them, do not listen to their lies and wait until I come to save you.

May this letter find you all in good health, and to all rebels reading this, no mercy shall be given.

Therri'cill of the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion, Thalanil Larethael.
*from an unknown location Phaedra would sit with the letter in her hand*
"It seems my Kin are undergoing of a civil war...May fineall bring all those around them safety and happiness...And Lord Thalanil you are the only High elf who has not actively sought to harm me and my family...May your mother protect you"