Treaty Celebrating a new friendship.


High King

The mother has recently blessed me with the task of safeguarding the Azari'cill peoples. This task now seems greater than ever, and in turn we need friends to support us through these troubled times. The former Therri'cill Aldir'tor Zaithrall was good friends with King Roderick Withmond of Hadriana. And during my coronation ceremony, the Mother has blessed us, and we have become friends also.

Now, Therri'cill Thalanil of the house Larethael and King Roderick of the house Withmond pledge their eternal friendship across the lands of Eden. They shall support each other in the light of the Mother and care of the Maker.

A non-aggression pact has been struck between the two parties with these terms:
  • Signing parties agree to never engage in offensive wars on one another. If outside powers decide to engage in conflict, Hadriana and Luminion will not join if the conflict could result in a war in which they would be opposing each other.​
  • The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion will grant the Kingdom of Hadriana an outpost within the walls of the city of Luminion. This building may be used to house students of the colleges or engage in religious practices.​
  • Citizens of the Kingdom of Hadriana may visit the grand library and attend to the colleges of magic.​
  • The Enlightened Kingdom will send out experts of magic and healthcare to educate the Hadrians in those arts within the safety of their own walls.​
  • When visiting either signatories’ territories, citizens are expected to abide by the laws upon which soil they step foot on and respect the local customs.​
  • Roderick Withmond, King of the Attians, Master of the horse-lords, defender of the green lands, protector of the Heartlands and heir of the Attian throne and Therri’cill Thalanil Larethael, guardian of purity, warden of Arda, protector of the Azari, heir of the mother’s throne and master of the arcane arts declare their eternal friendship to one another.​
  • The agreement will last for 10 years or when the parties both agree to drop the treaty.​

Should an issue or conflict arise that breaches this article, the signatories agree to handle the matter via the appropriate diplomatic channels.

Therri'cill Thalanil Larethael
King Roderick Withmond