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Community Team's
End of The Month Update
April 2023

It's time for another End of The Month Update! Albeit a day late! We have much to discuss regarding April’s player data and what's happening in May.

Now that the war is over, the server can return to events and roleplay within their respective playerbases. Many things were learned from our first major war in a while, and hopefully, this will go towards tweaking the system in the future to make it better.

Let's get into the mountain of data logged and graphed out for April!


Feedback Analytics

The community's feedback form opened on April 20th. Within 10 days, we received 48 responses. Last month, we had only 45 responses. Congratulations to everyone who filled out the form! You should receive your complimentary 250 tokens shortly after this post goes live. There were some really good suggestions and points made in these feedback entries, and I enjoyed reading over all of them. Out of the 48 responses, more than half were brought over by mutual friends. 29 respondents came from their friends, 8 came from PlanetMinecraft, and 11 found us by other means.


Community team wants to know your thoughts, concerns, praises, criticisms, and ideas; that's what the community feedback form is for! Looking over the data received, there is a sense that the server is doing well (though the community itself has some work cut out for it). I noticed a lot of good suggestions in here, I also can’t wait for the wardrobe plugin! The wiki is being slowly but surely filled out. If you’d like to help with these efforts, apply to Lore Team; I could always use more people on the wiki.

Application Data
In April, we saw OVER 100 valid applications. The current approval ratio is ~70%, which still maintains the highest acceptance ratio this server has ever seen. The changes implemented last month, along with a general push in advertising, resulted in a great outcome for our server and community.

Out of the 112 applications, 85 were accepted; more applications were pending that didn't get logged in this month's data, so really it was around 130. Here are the numbers within the ratios for each community! The humans again take the title of the most popular race with 24 Attians, 11 Hinterlanders, and 4 Khadan. The elves stole second place with 12 High Elves, 11 Wood Elves, and 2 Dark Elves. The tiefling community has been growing steadily over the past two months.

In April, Fables welcomed 9 new tieflings. In a shocking turn of events, Fables welcomes *5* new Halflings! This is followed by 1 Denur, 2 Orcs, and 4 Goblins.


Staff Roster Changes

Moderation Team
- PetitePaintings#2561
Event Team
- 𝐁𝐨𝐥𝐭𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫#1542
- Daddy Satan#3006
Community Team
- SmolPonyo#4233
Tech Team
+ {Last Fallen Angel}#9120​
- Darwin#6417
- Jelle#2050
Build Team
+ No Changes!​
Lore Team
+ Weaponcraft#8577​
+ MrBlwe#5742​
+ {Last Fallen Angel}#9120​
+ Ryanark#1523​
+ HellArrow#4207​
+ Smmer#7932
- SmolPonyo#4233


Community Contest

Pixel Paintbrush - Monthly Contest
Here is a recap of April's community contest!

Whip out those two-bit brushes! Near the end of March, I noticed a small trend among the new players and applicants. They were interested in learning how to use the Artmap plugin! What better way to do it than through a contest?​
To get started, type the command /artmap while on the server. This will bring up a GUI telling you what you need to know. Additionally, you can always view the [Artmap Guide] if you prefer to read it on a webpage.​
Here is an image I made of all the colors in the Artmap plugin, and I tried to get as close as possible, though you might be able to find something online that is slightly more accurate by a few digits. You can download this image as a palette if you wish to plan out your painting in a third-party program. If you notice on the second row, the Ender Pearl is a transparency tool; it is not a color.​

So, get to painting! I want to see your best painting. For proof that the painting is yours, please provide a screenshot of you sitting at the easel, whether the submission is finished or unfinished. As always, this will be a community vote, and three paintings will be selected. For this contest, you are only allowed to submit one entry.

Due to the lack of entries, the contest is being extended for May!
I hope to see more entries posted in the contest channel!

Community Call - May 26th

It’s community call time! Arkhun, along with other staff, will be hosting the community call in our main discord! It’ll start at 22:00 CET (4 PM EST for Americans) and will run for at least an hour!

A community call is the best time to get an insight behind the scenes, a sneak peek into what’s coming up, and a chance to ask the owner questions in front of a large crowd! This is also the best time to invite a friend to Fables, as community calls are quite an enjoyable and exciting time.


In Closing

To the sorrow of our tight community, we are all devastated by losing one of our original players. Cole, also known as Alcarin_, died on April 26th in Bakhmut while defending Ukraine from Russian forces. While everyone who knows him will mourn in their way, do not be sad because he is dead; instead, be happy for the time you had with him, knowing that he isn't suffering anymore and that he died fighting for what he believed in.

You can find the full post and a link to a fundraiser to retrieve his body right [here].



See you at the end of the month!
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