Core Rules

Core Rules

All the rules listed for the server are there to facilitate a fun, fair, and welcoming roleplay environment. Players who attempt to get off on technicalities/loopholes or skirt the line between breaking the rules can still be punished if moderation deems it necessary.

Thank you for your understanding!

Chapter I. Definitions

The definitions below are always going to be used in:

Rule definitions;

Usual conversations;

Application forms.​

Definition 1. Roleplay Universe (RU)

The roleplay universe is the set of all locations in which characters participate.

Definition 2. Character

A character is a person (or other being) inside the RU.

Definition 3. In Character (IC)

If an action happens inside the RU (e.g. a character speaks), that action and its consequences are considered “In Character”.

Definition 4. Out of Character (OOC)

If an action happens outside the RU (e.g. you talk to a friend over Discord), that action and its consequences are considered “Out of Character”.

Definition 5. Territory Tile

A territory tile is a marked region on the map which can be owned by a specific player. Territory tiles only exist OOC.

Definition 6. Nation

Inside the RU, a nation is a large collection of characters united by race, history, and culture, inhabiting a specific territory. Outside the RU, a nation is a group of players who has one leader, and the nation leader owns one or more territory tiles.

Definition 7. Settlement

Inside the RU, a settlement is a place where characters establish a community. Outside the RU, a settlement is a group of players who has one leader, and the settlement leader owns 20 or more chunks inside a specific territory tile. All characters of the players who are part of the settlement must live within the settlement’s boundaries.

Definition 8. Claim

Inside the RU, a claim is a piece of territory which one or more characters have taken under control. Outside the RU, a claim consists of a piece of land inhabited by one or more characters, where the owner of the land owns less than 20 chunks inside a specific territory tile.

Chapter II. General Rules

All rules which are part of this chapter are OOC.​

  1. Do not be toxic towards others.
  2. Refrain from trolling or being a nuisance.
  3. Avoid using exploits, and report if you find any.

  4. Follow the chat rules:
    • Spamming is prohibited.
    • Do not flood the chat.
    • Do not post any dubious links in chat.
  5. Avoid being inappropriate, written or otherwise.
  6. Do not do anything that is illegal outside Minecraft, for example scamming people, or grooming.
  7. Understand that staff have the final decision in a situation - this decision can be contested afterwards.
  8. Always use common sense.

  9. You are not allowed to use client-side modifications (mods) that could be exploited on the server:
    • Examples of mods that are allowed: OptiFine, Minimap Mods, Sodium etc. (NOTE: Minimaps which display other players or entities are not allowed)
    • Examples of mods that are prohibited: Schematica, Botting Mods (Baritone etc.), Hacked Clients (Impact, Wurst etc.) etc.
  10. You must be 16+ years old in order to play on our server.
    • If it is found you are below the age limit, your account(s) will be immediately banned.
  11. Alt accounts have limitations:
    • You may only use an alt account in case a proper reason is provided as to why having an alt account is essential to your IC experience.
    • You are not to gain any advantages by having an alt account, such as: using your daily votes, and participating in the votestreak. Voting may only be done by the main account.
    • You may not exceed your character slot limitation. If you wish to increase your character slots it will have to be done through a donation on the main account.
    • Your characters are not allowed to interact with each other, this includes player shop interaction.

      NOTE: Users are only allowed to register one alt even after donating.
      If you wish to donate, you must do so on your main account.

Chapter III. Roleplay Rules

  1. Anything contained within the RU must make sense. For example, you cannot roleplay as an astronaut on the moon.
  2. Information cannot be transferred from OOC to IC, and characters can only know what they have seen or have learned about IC. For example, you cannot know a character’s name until your character asks them for it. This rule is often called “metagaming” - do not metagame.
  3. You only have control over your character, and any actions you perform cannot be done on behalf of someone else’s character. For example, when you push a person, you cannot “make them fall”. This rule is often called “powergaming” - do not powergame.

  4. You cannot have duplicate characters:
    • You cannot copy another player’s character or skin.
    • You cannot roleplay as a famous OOC person, or as an NPC from the server.
    • In the case that you use alt accounts, each account must contain separate characters.
  5. All characters are equal in strength and ability, do not have supernatural powers, are not ill physically or mentally, and have common sense:
    • All items your character has must be obtained as existing Minecraft items - you cannot use a sword if you do not have a sword in your inventory, for example.
    • Your character is not stronger because of gender, backstory, or physical build. Instead, each character has a combination of stats that you must pick when creating a character.
  6. Characters that you own cannot interact with each other - this is also true for interactions with your alt accounts.
  7. Your Minecraft skin must match with your character’s description from your character card.
  8. Characters must be at least 13 years of age.

  9. Roleplay which contains sexual content (Erotic Roleplay - ERP) is prohibited:
    • You are prohibited from ERP on our Minecraft Server or related Discord servers. Things that are also not allowed are:
    • Suggestive comments, pictures or video's in any of our server chat and Discord channels.
    • Asking for ERP, or ERP-related things in a private chat through any of our channels.
    • Breaking any of the ERP rules will result in an immediate ban of which the length varies based on the severity of the violation.
  10. Don't do any Metagaming.
    Definition of Metagaming: Using information your character is not supposed to know from outside the game world. An example of Metagaming: You get a discord message about an orc raiding party going towards one of your outposts and in response, you rally your forces for a counterattack. Your character should not know about the raiding party. The discord message was illegal information and your character is not allowed to use this information in roleplay.
  11. Don't do any Powergaming.
    Definition of Powergaming: A player can be described as a powergamer if he or she declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his own prerogative. They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don't want to engage in. Or in short, you can't force an outcome of an action in roleplay situations and emotes.
    An example of powergaming: Aldir'tor stabs Boris Krüger in the stomach with a quick thrust of his knife.
    An example of a fair emote: Aldir'tor would attempt to stab Boris Krüger in the stomach with his knife.
  12. Items with the Loremaster approved, or Event Team approved tag may not be stored in Enderchests or in a buried or hidden location without Loremaster approval. Places such as these are the ones described in Building rule 9.

Chapter IV. Building Rules

These rules must be followed if you have access to building on the map on a specific territory tile, nation etc.​

  1. Do not modify other players’ builds without permissions. This is called Griefing - do not grief.

  2. You must ensure all buildings are fit for the style of Fables & Fantasy RP:
    • The Build Team decides whether your builds are fit for the map - if unsure please ask the current Build Team Administrator.
    • If the Build Team decides your build is unfit for the map, you will be notified and given time to update the build.
      • If you do not update the build, they are allowed to modify or remove the build in question.
  3. You are not allowed to create improper structures with the purpose of destroying or making the terrain unfit for the map. For example, building 1x1 pits or towers, digging massive squares for the purpose of mining, cutting down forests without reason etc. This is called land scarring - do not scar the land.
  4. Do not create inappropriate builds.
  5. Do not create redstone contraptions that can cause lag on the server. These contraptions are called lag machines and are prohibited.
  6. Do not create any mob farms, or automation systems made for gaining unlimited resources.
  7. Do not create any underground (mob) farms. Note: animals and/or vegetation that would normally grow underground (i.e. mushrooms) are an exception on this rule.
  8. Do not make builds with the specific purpose of killing a player in an unfair manner. For example, creating a sand area that drops down entirely when an ore block gets broken. These structures are called death traps and are prohibited.
  9. Do not make an area only accessible through breaking blocks to enter. There must be a mechanism in place for entry such as a door, gate, redstone door, etc. This rule also applies to chests, barrels, bookshelves etc.
  10. Buried containers must be marked by placing a different block under it than the surrounding block. Example: Coarse dirt in a grass field or sandstone on a beach. These containers can be dug up by another player using the vandalism rules.

Chapter V. Character Death Rules.

These rules must be followed whenever a character is in a scenario that could lead to its permanent death. (PK)

  1. Another player cannot force you to permanently kill a character upon death without your consent. This rule is also in effect if any OOC agreements have been made between killer and killed before the execution.
    - Loremasters may force death upon characters, but this can only be done in event scenarios and post-war executions.​
  2. When your character gets revived, they are not allowed to return to the area where they died for 1 OOC hour. Furthermore, you are not allowed to interact with ongoing RP which has anything to do with the death of the character.

  3. When your character dies, and you choose to keep them alive, you get revived in Mapledale and lose all memories of what happened leading up to the execution.​
  4. You cannot leave notes to your future self before heading to a certain group or location which may lead to your death.​
  5. Bodies remain in place after death. The character gets revived in a new body which is an exact copy of their previous one. They are not allowed to alter their appearance between lives.​
  6. When a character returns to the location of death later and sees the body of their previous self, they are unable to recognize the body or anything that relates to their death. Players will not believe any claim that the found body is theirs, or that they even died.​
  7. Having your character commit suicide, making them have a sudden heart attack, or giving them any other medical condition which makes them collapse to forcefully end or avoid roleplay is not allowed and will result in staff forcing you to permanently kill your character.
    - Death by suicide is always a PK. Forced suicide is an exception to this rule.​
  8. Permanently killing your character is a final decision that cannot be reversed later.​

Thank you for reading the rules, we hope you enjoy your stay on Fables & Fantasy RP!​
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