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OOC: All awards are wax-seals with a scroll of paper attached, on the scroll of paper an explanation of what the award means is written.
OOC2: More will be added!

Royal Recognitions
Awarded by the Emperor

Golden Griffin of Valor
For those that have performed a miraculous act in defense of the Empire and its citizens, it is the highest honor available to be bestowed with. The Golden Griffin is awarded by the Emperor himself during a public ceremony, and is presented as a golden wax seal featuring the image of a griffin.


Sapphire Crown of Hadriana

Awarded to those that have risked or given their life in service to the Royal Family, protecting them from harm. This means the award may also be given post-mortem. Any member of the Royal Family may award this recognition, it is presented as a sapphire-blue wax seal featuring the Hadrian crown.


Service Medals of the IHA
Awarded by the Reichsmarshal

Warden of the Maker
Awarded to a soldier who has shown perseverance through dire circumstances, ability to lead men and navigate their comrades through the dark. It is the highest available honor in the IHA, and is presented by the Reichsmarshal during a public ceremony. It is presented as a portrayal of a knight on a field of brown, with a long parchment attached reading several Hadrian laws.


Attian Shield of Fortitude

Awarded to soldiers who have shown extraordinary bravery while partaking in a defensive siege, and thereby protecting the homeland. The recognition is handed out by the Reichsmarshal during a private IHA ceremony. The Attian Shield of Fortitude is presented as a shield bearing the Hadrian sigil on a field of gray.


Wilhelm's Sword
Awarded to soldiers who have proven themselves able to lead their fellow comrades into battle and grasp a victory for the Empire. The recognition is handed out by the Reichsmarshal during a private IHA ceremony. Wilhelm's Sword is presented as a longsword on a burgundy field.


Crimson Eagle

Awarded to a soldier for every five years of reckonable service, one soldier can have multiple of these. It is presented as an eagle on a field of Crimson.


Clergical Recognitions
Awarded by the Vater

Cross of St. Onnodrith
Awarded to those that exhibit extraordinary bravery and valor in defense of the Makerist Church, awarded by the Vater himself during a ceremony in the Cathedral in Adelsburg. It is presented as a cross on a purple field, with holy scriptures on the paper beneath.

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