Nation Announcement Ousting of a Hemomancer


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Silver Phoenixes make all haste to all nations, dropping this letter on all desks and bar tables

A Traitor to Eden Revealed

This notice is a warning to all, to be on the lookout and to defend yourselves again against the stain of the Hemomancers upon this land
1 week ago, the Tyres Alari of Luminion strode forth to aid our Filos in the High Kingdom of Arduan. During this mighty battle, one among us who was unknown to be a mage of any kind opened a tear and thus forth fell a great and terrible aura, one of the Summons of Lillith. Wielding the fallen ichor of our party, they proved themselves outright to be of Voidal make.

I bade you turn your backs on the cursed one named Fenrir
A former Azari'Cill fallen to depths unimaginable of scorn.
Bearing Silver hair and a Silver eye, they wear an eyepatch and have hair shorn short.

Be Guarded, for they are extremely dangerous

Cirlia Zaithrall, Aeri'Cill of Luminion

Elduin's eyes scanned over the notice from the bulletin board located in the streets of Al-Khadir. After he was finished reading, he didn't seem all that surprised, dipping his head to the ground and pinching the bridge of his nose. A deeply heavy, audibly disappointed sigh leaves him. "...Gods dammit, Fenrir."
Fenrir let out a small laugh as his red eye looked down at the letter, he seemed to stop cutting hair hair as his eye didnt have an eye patch anymore, but a white medical patch, mimicking that it was healing and not missing. "God their late!- Expected, after all i did go to way too many public events-" He spoke, taking care of the slash wounds on his chest. "Time is all it takes, i suppose thats something i dont lack." He spoke as he arranged his now crimson hair.
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Normally Fenrin wouldn't pay mind to notices on bar walls, yet as he passed one, he swore he saw his own name. Side-eying the paper, he breathed a breath of relief realizing it wasn't him, but he did know whom they were speaking of. With kneaded brows, he wondered if it was true, not knowing Fenrir all that well, but tucking the notice into his bag all the same.
Elaine raised an eyebrow, sitting idly in her own tavern. The piece of paper was in between her fingers, she said aloud: "It's his own damn fault. Voidal magic goes against everything the Glade stands for." The woman placed the paper aside, looking towards a newcomer in the tavern.
“Silver eyes and Silver hair..” A certain Aey’flir whispered as he was informed of such a disgraced Cill within the estate, his expression filled with disappointment as his countenance remained stoic. “They should not have the right to call themselves ‘Cill’. Perhaps my return is due..”
Andre sighs as a letter is dropped off by a silver Phoenix reading it carefully as he squints his eyes looking at it. "Fenrir.. didn't expect you to fall to the voidal.. side.." He muttered to himself as he shakes his head "Perhaps.. I'll stumble upon you sooner rather than later whenever that be as friends.. or enemies."
The edges of the paper creaked from Nephi'ra's intense grip as her steel eyes scanned the notice over and over again.

"I should have seen this coming.." She furiously smashed the parchment against her nightstand and stormed to her door.
Ike was sprawled on the tavern floor, crying. He found the notice board on the bar table. Rising unsteadily, he scanned the paper through his drunken haze. A snicker gave way to a loud and obnoxious laugh, "BAHAHAHA-" He wiped a tear, "That dumbass! I knew this was gonna happen!" He continued laughing.. rather ironic he was the one laughing but he wasn't wasting this chance.
Dain reads the letter on the little oak desk, a candle is put on as the little flame dances on the top like a marionette. Dain shows no emotion as he is going over the paper with his finger tips A new known hemomancer ? How interesting He goes over his chin with his thumb and index finger as he quickly shifts his head to the right and shouts Iliyana! Tell Zyce and Fenrin to prepare themselves for a hunt! Before turning back to the letter squinting his eyes his gaze at the name Fenrir as he thinks in himself We better prepare carefully, i have no information on this one.
Nowu read over the notice shaking her head, sighing and finally shrugging "The mosquito would've been revealed sooner or later." she started to walk further "Saves me from holdin' a leash on that fucker.." she told herself thinking of how Creek was going to react to this post.
Aredhel blinked, a silence falling over her as her ears drooped down after a few minutes of silence she spoke to herself "You fucking.. Fenrir you are so stupid." she started to fidget with her gloves before shaking her head to herself a barely audible mumble leaving her "If I see him again I'm hanging him for his own sake." she then walked off seeming rather anxious
André carefully reads the paper while chugging mead straight from the bottle. He stops when he gets to the part where Fenrir is mentioned and stares at it blankly in confusion. "Gwuh?" He then folds the paper to use as a coaster and returns to drinking while thinking to himself. "Oh well. He didn't seem like that nice of a person anyways."
An elven woman walks into her tavern and notices the poster crudely nailed to her tavern wall, and rips the poster off, yanks the nail out the wall, and heals the damaged wood with a loud mumble
"No respect for the forest's resources, those 'Cill' believe they're so high and mighty..."
Then sits down on her desk and reads the poster from beginning to end, then crumples the paper and tosses it against the wall, where a vine appears and begins to grip the ball of paper tightly. She then sighs loudly and mumbles to herself
"Fenrir, I told you that it was a stupid decision... When I find you, I'm crushing you under a tree and impaling whatever's left with a rock spike."
[!] Ezekiel was visibly disinterested upon seeing there was no reward, although he kept the missive and put the description of this hemomancer in mind.
A large armored Khadan picked up the missive from his desk, turned it over, and sat before beginning to read it. He had thoughts on the matter though like usual Kassim remained quiet, knowing full well the rest of the council had received the missive.
Kisho is working on a new book when Maximus comes home, waving the letter in front of his face. "It's an official search now. I was wondering what took them so long. Welp, let's see how long he survives." There is no sense of needing to hasten as he slowly continued on the book, knowing that this might be more important.
A scarred dark elf walks by the message board, giving a long and deep sigh as he reads the message. "Damnit Fenrir...just try and be safe. As long as you don't kill anyone I'll keep you safe. If not...I might just join the hunt..." He grumbles, remembering what happened to Arndil.