Roleplay Etiquettes

Fables and Fantasy RP
Roleplay Etiquettes


This document is to be used by new roleplayers and veterans of Fables and Fantasy RP as a guide to help us all
cultivate a friendly and engaging roleplay environment that is enjoyable for everyone.

Despite its ups and downs, our community takes great pride in being a friendly and welcoming environment.
Everyone is welcome and all we ask from them is that they join us and contribute to this community, whether in roleplay or outside of that.

This document zooms in on the roleplay (IC) side of things.



I. Be open and welcoming

Fables and Fantasy RP prides itself on its welcoming and friendly community as stated above. Every day we welcome new faces to this community, either as someone who came across our PMC page, got invited by a friend, or stumbled upon us through the web search results. We are all different people from different backgrounds yet there is one thing that unites us all, and that is our love for immersive fantasy roleplay experiences. Yet not all of us may be as experienced as the player next to us. And that is alright.
Whenever you encounter someone in roleplay and you notice that they seem to struggle or have difficulty fitting in, be open, be welcoming, and be proactive in actively involving those players with the setting and roleplay going on. This way everyone feels like they belong and are part of something greater. And through this open mindset, we will only grow as a community and I can only highly encourage everyone to adopt this mindset from the moment they join.

The person behind the character
Every person you encounter that does not have a clear [NPC] tag above their head is another character, a character that belongs to a player, a real person with real feelings and real emotions. That fact alone is something you always need to keep in mind. Everyone here comes online to have a fun experience, and we do not tolerate those who actively seek to disrupt that by actively ruining a player's experience for whatever reason. Be a villain, be a bandit, be a menace to the world, but do not be an asshole. And when a player, not a character, but a player seems to be in distress over a situation that suddenly unfolds, give them time to catch up and if needed guide them through the situation. Even in those situations when it is a life or death situation for a character, be mindful of the person behind the screen and ensure that even death is a fun experience for both ends.

Respect Boundaries
If another player lets you know that they are uncomfortable with the roleplay scenario they walked into, allow them some space or allow them to walk away from the scene if they need to. This is especially important in romance arcs. Everyone loves their smoochie crunchy couple RP, but when someone does not want it, let them be!
Don't push it onto someone, don't act weird about it when someone denies it, and most importantly of all, Do not EVER take anything from that to OOC. NEVER.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, try to communicate with the other player that you are uncomfortable with their RP and that you wish to leave, void it or move past it. If the other player then cannot help but keep pushing, do not hesitate for a moment to call in a moderator to help you.

Give and take
Whenever you engage in roleplay, always live by the principle of giving and taking. What this means is that simply that if you decide to take anything from a player, that being an item during a robbery, their life, Information, or Andros, always give those on the receiving end something in return. This does not have to be an item, but it can also be done through roleplay. For example, whenever your character decides to kidnap someone, you are in this case taking their freedom for the duration of it. What can you as a kidnapper do to give them something in return? Well, an example would be that you tell them something about your backstory, give them a trinket to remember you by, and maybe recruit them for your group! Those little things add so much to the general story of a character and it gives them something in return. You take their freedom, you give them an epic tale and a chance for a future adventure, be it as a rival or a new ally.

Through this mindset, everyone can get enjoyment out of any situation, even if it is in nature a hostile one.


II. Respecting the setting
Fables and Fantasy's setting currently taking place on the continent of Eden is an immersive realistic experience that can only keep its status through the cooperation of all players and staff. Eden can be a brutal and grim place that scars characters for life. Everyone works hard on constantly expanding the world by writing lore, building, and setting up organizations, settlements, and nations and all this contributes to an ever-expanding setting.

It is important for everyone involved that they play their part in preserving that setting and keeping it the immersive experience that it is.
Part of this is that player players are expected to have their characters behave in a certain matter. Take the setting seriously.
A few examples would be:
  • I. Do not clown on big event characters that try to provide an interesting story to you and those around you.
  • II. Respect characters in high positions as you would do outside of RP and do not complain when you do decide to be defiant or just a straight-up asshole and they decide to take action against you.
  • III. Build a character that fits the lore of the nation/race you join. Yes, you are allowed to give it your own spin, but in essence, everyone is expected to respect and follow the lore laid out for them the moment they join.


III. Emoting

Emoting and dialogue through our chat system is the way our characters communicate. It reflects what our characters do and what they say.
But what is an appropriate emote? How can you as a player write the most enjoyable ones that allow for the most roleplay options?

A good emote is always an open-ended one and only focuses on what your character is doing and saying in the moment, not in the future, and without powergamer-like forced action upon another character. To give an idea of what exactly is meant by this I'd like to show an example from the core rules.

Ref. Core Rules, Chapter 3: Roleplay Rules, Rule 11.
An example of powergaming: Aldir'tor stabs Boris Krüger in the stomach with a quick thrust of his knife.
An example of a fair emote: Aldir'tor would attempt to stab Boris Krüger in the stomach with his knife.

As you can see in the powergaming example, it forces an action upon another player where Aldir's player has no right to do so, and through that is an emote that is not just in the here and now since he wrote the outcome of an encounter already while not a single dice has been rolled yet. The best way to keep yourself from maybe by accident writing such emotes is to always remove any desired outcome unless the dice says you can add one.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!
There is absolutely no shame in asking other players what they mean or want in any RP scenario. Communication is key for good roleplay and whenever you have trouble understanding a language or are unsure what a person expects or wants from you, ALWAYS ask them! We have the LOOC, or Local out of character chat which can be used for such questions. What is also important is to communicate about any custom-made roll system that you may come up with in your RP's. Players like to roll to see if they got drunk after drinking a beer or roll strength to pick someone off the floor. This is technically not an official server mechanic and should always be communicated to the target player of such a system before it is used against them.


IV. Better Together

Minecraft roleplay is a cooperative effort. Everyone is part of a big (nerdy) team that aims to create a realistic and requires everyone to work together to create the best experience for everyone. Each one of the players and staff is needed to allow this server to breathe and grow and everyone is expected to take part in it.

Be proactive
Everyone is expected to help out in generating and creating fun and engaging stories. That is what allows the server to breathe and feel alive. But that does require a proactive mindset from the community. But what exactly do I mean by that? LET ME EXPLAIN!

For example, everyone has seen that one player who just wanders about, sits in the darkest corner of a tavern, looking all edgy and uninterested in any engagement, and then just waits there for someone to walk up to them (Which 9 out of 10 times does not happen) and then complain that nobody is roleplaying and that the server is therefore boring.

If you are that person, cut that shit out. Being proactive means looking for roleplay, looking for ways to tell your story, and adding it to the world. Don't sit in a corner complaining, step out, call someone over, and engage and interest people in the tales you have to tell. Host events, take people on an epic quest you came up with with or without help from the event team, and just place yourself out there. People want to meet you, just give them the chance.

Be creative
Everyone here values creativity, yet everyone also takes bits and pieces from other media and settings to create their own new characters. And that is GOOD!
If you can make up one of the most interesting characters from scratch without any outside influences, good for you. You will not have any issues then, yet other people may prefer to reflect another character that they really like and that is okay.

The only thing you must not do is take characters from other media and copy-paste them into here, sometimes even with the exact name and fitting skin.
It breaks immersion and is in many cases uninteresting to roleplay with. If you struggle with making your own characters, ask! Many of our community are more than happy to help you create a character.

And away from the realm of characters, make sure to try to be creative in your roleplay as well. Many things are possible on Fables and Fantasy, you just have to imagine it. (No, you're not getting guns you rat) Feel free and very much welcome to come up with and present your ideas and suggest them to us! We very much value any feedback or suggestions we get. Yes we may not be able to implement them all, but we keep them all in our back pockets for when we do have the time to implement them! Whatever the case, keep the suggestions coming! Let's build this amazing world together!



Pfew, that was quite the read ah? If you did read all of it, thank you so much for doing so!
I hope this guide was useful.​
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