Silas' Folly, a Hadrian reclamation of land.


High King
[!] Copies were distributed all around the Empire, and one was sent to the Stadtholder's office in Raevendrecht. [!]



For quite some time now, tensions have been building between the Hooghlandsche Vrystaet and the Hadrian Empire. The lands were known as Northern-Flüssland, the lands that the noble house of Rovelt made their own, were stolen. The Hadrian Duma voted to send an ultimatum to our northern neighbours, to demand the stolen lands be returned to their rightful owners, promising war should they refuse. The Vrystaet and its Stadtholder did not send a formal reply to the said ultimatum, yet their Grand Pensionary pleaded for peace without compromise. To call such a fool’s request would be an understatement. Meaning there can be but one outcome:

The lands known as North-Flüssland shall be returned to the Empire by force.

The voice of the Hadrian people rings louder and truer than ever now, for it is time to act. Act upon the transgressions committed against our people, against the injustices shown by the northern folly republic. The brave men and women of the Empire are prepared to march across the land, to fight for their country, to fight for their honour. We pride ourselves upon our honour and shall fight with such on the battlefield.

Unlike the Stadtholder Silas van Leuveren, who uses underhanded tactics for his poorly thought-out plans.

Unlike the Estates-General that so thoughtlessly provokes its neighbours and bends to the will of its monarch.

Unlike those within the Vrystaet who called for this war, knowingly bringing despair and suffering to their own.

The forges have been kindled, and the banners shall look like a sea of yellow, white and black, looming over the northern hills. Our lands shall be returned, even if they must be soaked in the blood of our enemies. Enemies who have made it clear that they will not back down, they will not cease their hostility against us, and who insist on retaining control of their ill-gotten gains. Now, the die is cast.

So, to those who foolishly choose to stand against the tide, I say; often times it is needed for something to burn, so that it may be reborn again from the ashes. Your fields shall burn, and our lands shall be reclaimed. And when you look upon the devastation, you all shall know that there was only ever but one outcome.

From this day forward, the Hadrian Empire considers itself to be in a state of war with the Hooghlandsche Vrystaet.


Philipp Wilhelm II von Lichtenfelts, Kaiser of Hadriana
Anzhelika von Lichtenfelts, Kaiserin of Hadriana
Karl Philipp von Lichtenfelts, Crown-Prinz of Hadriana
Hugo Alekzander von Lichtenfelts, Prinz of Hadriana
Ser Cedric Reinhardt, Herzog of Hertzland
Janczyk-Mariusz Tzyrnowski, Herzog of Flüssland
Herr Sine Verrador, Chancellor of the Duma
Siegfried Od Albion, Ritter Paramount of the Order of the Griffin

Wernher Süle, Holy Vater of the Alderist Temple


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Aleksandra reads over the parchment in her hand, furrowing her eyebrows as she does. She turns her gaze to the blacksmith to the side, listening to the sound of his hammer slamming against dark colored metal. The blonde folds the declaration, raising her head in pride. She says nothing, instead focusing on the future.