Player Announcement Something must be done.


High King

[!] This message would be hung all around the city of Luminion.

Me and my following have recently returned to the Enlightened Kingdom, upon my arrival I was greeted by the guards in a respectful manner. I then walked through the streets of the city and was greeted by the citizenry in a respectful manner. Yet, the moment I walked into the throneroom to greet his Luminous Majesty Aldir’tor, what I was greeted with was a Mister Eldrin Faerondaerl. Mister Eldrin was quick to spit his venom, calling me impure as he has for months now. I presented some facts to him, showing all present that it was in fact Mister Eldrin who should be on trial for breaking the sacred laws of our faith.

I write this letter as a service to the public, to denounce the impure Prince, and to remove this filth from our streets. I present to you the following crimes, for which Mister Eldrin should answer:

  • During the attempted coup d’état Mister Eldrin felt the need to collude with the Azari’lunn, therefore going against everything we stand for and spitting on the graves of our forefathers that died during the Age of Fallen Spires.
  • Mister Eldrin has admitted to doing ‘research’ into hemomancy, yet this has become more than research. Mister Eldrin is learning to use hemomancy, a voidal magic. Using or learning a voidal magic is the most impure and disgraceful thing that could be done in the light of the Mother.
  • Mister Eldrin has committed countless crimes in the name of our state, things from burglary to torture. He has sparked conflict, conspired, lied and cheated. He has even said, and I quote: “I will stop at nothing.”. This man is delusional, and a threat to your safety and that of your families.
  • Mister Eldrin has also taken away one of our most vital forms of defense, during my leave of absence I left my staff in the good care of Mister Eldrin. He then destroyed that staff, taking away our ability to cast geomancy and protect our sacred nation. How could we believe that someone that would do such a thing has the best in mind for our nation?

Mister Eldrin would have you believe that it is in fact me that should be sentenced away in the face of the Mother’s judgement, yet his arguments are based on nothing. Mister Eldrin would have you believe that me dealing with the Vari’s, as we did under our former (and now current again) Therri’cill, is somehow worthy of my condemnation. He would have you believe that I acknowledge the Vari god, even though those words were added to a joint treaty on request of King Roderick. I strive for better cooperation between the Vari and Azari’cill, I make no secret of this. Yet, my faith in the Mother has never wavered.

This is why I challenge Mister Eldrin Faerondaerl to a public debate, to let the Mother decide who is worthy of punishment and who is not. I call upon the following people to aid me in this debate:

  • King Roderick Withmond of Hadriana, with whom I’ve broken bread during my leave of absence.
  • All former loyalist soldiers and citizens, so they may report to me and join me in a civil discussion about the ongoing tragedy, and how they could aid me should they wish to do so.
  • All who believe that justice should be served to Mister Eldrin Faerondaerl, so they may report to me and join me in a civil discussion about the ongoing tragedy, and how they could aid me should they wish to do so.

Prince Thalanil Larethael​