The Imperial Hadrian Legion


High King
The Imperial Hadrian Legion
as of 1525



For many years, the administration of the Hadrian Empire has failed you. Failed to protect and to serve in one key part of our great state, the legions. But these times are changing, the banners shall fly in the wind once more, and the rumbling of Hadrian legionnaires will shake the earth beneath our feet.

The Imperial Guard shall henceforth be renamed to the Imperial Hadrian Army, or the I.H.L for short. As of the year 1525, the I.H.L will go through numerous changes and a new document of the I.H.L and its inner workings will be published under this message.


The Imperial Legions
Valor, Loyalty & Wisdom

Any good and loyal servant to the crown willing to risk their life for the Emperor eventually finds themselves enlisting in the I.H.L. The soldier should exhibit the following three pillars:

  • A soldier should be valorous, and not shy away from danger if it means saving their comrades or the Empire.
  • A soldier should be loyal, to the Empire and to their commanding officer. Yet most of all they should be loyal to their comrades, fighting alongside them.
  • A soldier should be wise, they should know when to charge in and when not to. They should know how to lead men, and which fights to take.


Ranks in the I.H.L.

Commanding Ranks
The leader of the I.H.L, bestowed by the crown to lead the armed forces in the Empire. The Reichsmarschall has absolute control over the I.H.L, and is in charge of planning military campaigns and appointing other officials within the Legion.

The right-hand man of the Reichsmarschall, hand-picked by him and serves as second-in-command to replace the Marschall if they are unavailable. They also serve as administrative help and make sure the I.H.L keeps running.

A Lieutenant leads his own group of legionnaires into battle; they also serve as Quartermasters and provide the I.H.L with supplies: food, equipment & housing.

Soldiery Ranks
Veteran Legionnaires that have proven their metal in combat, they serve as second-in-command to their respective Lieutenants and guide the Recruits

Legionnaires are part of the I.H.L as their profession and have taken their oath, they make up the bulk of the I.H.L outside of wartime and serve as guardsmen of the various cities in the Empire.

Cadets are men interested in joining the I.H.L, who have not taken their oath of fealty yet. They are permitted to attend training and assemblies but do not have the same authorization as a Legionnaire does.

The man-at-arms are the main bulk of the I.H.L during wartime, these people are usually farmers, blacksmiths and any other profession except for the I.H.L but get drafted by the Emperor during times of war.

Special Ranks
Chaplains are priests ordained by the church that have enlisted in the I.H.L, they use holy spells as their form of offense and are led by their own Head Chaplain, who is installed by the Reichsmarschall.

Kaiser's Guard
The Kaiser's Guard is the elite squad of the Empire, serving directly under the reigning Kaiser. These soldiers take their oaths for life and are usually on the road to becoming Knights, or are already one.


The I.H.L Oathing
The process of being oathed and becoming a Legionnaire is quite simple: One has to have been a Recruit for one Saint’s Week (OOC Week), after that they will be sent out on a certain quest by the Reichsmarschall or Commander.

Once the quest is successfully completed, the Recruit may take their oath. The oath goes as follows:
  • I pledge my life to the Empire and its Emperor, from now until my passing day.
  • I pledge my life to the people of the Empire, and swear to never harm them or aid any power that attempts to do so.
  • I pledge my life to my brethren in arms, and swear to always put their lives before my own.
  • Finally, I pledge to uphold this oath until my dying day, or so may the Maker strike me down with the thunder of a thousand skies.
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