The Warp Crystal and You, A Simple Guide.


Hi! If you’re like me and bad at working stuff out, here’s a guide on how to use your Warp Crystal on Fables and Fantasy.

Note: The Warp Crystal
Is Not an in character object and exists purely as an out of character means of travel.

Step 1: Locate your Warp Crystal!



This is your Warp Crystal! You begin with one in your inventory. Be careful with it because it's your fastest means of travel for getting around Eden (Luckily you can't drop it). It's worth noting that the Warp Crystal has a 10 minute cooldown after use.

Step 2: Using your Warp Crystal

Using a Warp Crystal is super easy and quite self explanatory.
Right click to open the Warp Crystal menu.


As a new player you have 2 options on your Warp Crystal. The Emerald will take you to spawn. Simply click it, wait 10 second without moving and you'll be taken away!
You also have the option to add another location by right clicking on a lodestone with it in your hand.

Step 3: Locating a Lodestone.

Lodestones are scattered throughout Eden. They are usually located outside of city gates on some sort of mini-square.

Here are some examples:



With this guide you are now a Warp Crystal using expert! Now you can explore the world and always have a way back to civilisation.
Have fun out there!
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